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Golf Physiotherapy

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A self-professed golf tragic, the only thing Fletch enjoys more than trying to maintain his shaky single figure handicap, is working with other golfers to help them participate and achieve their best.


Fletch travelled to California in 2016 to complete his TPI Certification through the Titleist Performance Institute, studying further to complete his Level 2 Medical Certification.

Combining his passions for golf and working with clients in the disability sector, Fletch has completed his All-Abilities Community Instructor Accreditation through Golf Australia and is an Eligibility Assessor for EDGA, the international body responsible for world ranking classifications for golfers with a disability.  

Golf Injury Management

With an extensive knowledge of both musculoskeletal injuries and the mechanics of the golf swing, Fletch can help with both golf injury management and prevention. Get back to playing, play your best, play for longer. 

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Assessments

A TPI Golf Assessment looks at how the body relates to the golf swing. By improving physical limitations in the body, injury can be prevented, and player performance can be enhanced.

Fletch has both TPI and TPI Level 2 Medical Certification and can work with you and your golf pro to maximise your potential. A TPI Golf Assessment is suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Click on the badges below for more information on TPI.

EDGA Player Assessments


EDGA is a worldwide organisation that has a membership with 36 National Federations including Golf Australia. As part of its role, EDGA oversees tournament eligibility for golfers with a disability. More information on EDGA can be found here.

Eligibility is determined by the players diagnosis and the degree of impairment. Eligible impairments under the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) definitions of impairment can be found here.

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Players with an eligible impairment may apply for a pass through EDGA. The type of pass is determined by the degree of impairment.

To apply for a pass players first need to Register with EDGA. This is a simple process including contact details, selecting the category/s that best describes their disability and uploading any supporting documentation.

Players may then be required to have an eligibility assessment to determine some further details. This can be done face-to-face or via videocall. Please contact Fletch at Wellington Physiotherapy to arrange an assessment.

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